My Story

I was always active growing up. I was a member of my local swimming club from a young age and found a love for skate boarding in my teens.

I was always a high achiever at school and during my HSC I contracted glandular fever. Not long after nursing my illness and sitting my exams I joined the Australian Regular Army at age 17. Although I was very excited for the challenge ahead my health had still not fully recovered and took a turn for the worst. I suffered pneumonia, stress fractures, low self-esteem and depression.

At this time I had little knowledge on health and fitness. Although I have always eaten healthy and nutritious main meals, I had no knowledge of the correct amount of calories, macronutrients and micronutrients needed to sustain a healthy body and mind. I was addicted to refined sugar and high GI foods, I would only eat when I was hungry and I was very unaware that nutrition had such a significant impact on mood, physical energy and mental health.

My fitness at this time was also very poor. I weighed around 48 – 52 kg and had never done weight training in my life. I was very fragile and weak and could barely keep up with the mandatory physical fitness activities.

Whilst suffering depression I quickly learnt that physical activity was one of the very few things that help me out of my depressed state. I got back into swimming each day, started to do beach workouts and got my first ever gym program written up for me.

After discharging from the defence, I put all of my effort into restoring my health. I completed a cert III & IV in fitness, became a certified Life Coach and NLP Master practitioner. I wrote a book on how to overcome depression and it was not long before I found the world of bodybuilding and fitness modelling.

I found a coach and experienced first hand the difference that nutrition and weight training made on my mental and physical health. I found that I had so much more energy, I was so much happier, much more balanced and started to feel stronger and more confident within myself.

I have been exploring and educating myself in the health and fitness industry ever since. I have won Overall ACT Fitness Model, Overall ANB ACT Fitness Model and 3rd Place Fitness Model ANB Nationals. Today I live in Sydney and study Naturopathy also known as natural medicine or natural health. I am healthier, happier and stronger than I have ever new was possible.

My goal and my passion is to help others who are or who have suffered from depression through fitness, health and a positive mindset. In saying this, my goal is also to help anyone achieve a healthier lifestyle in general, anyone who wants to build muscle, loose body fat, increase energy, and become fit, strong, toned, healthy and happy.

About me