Work Smarter Not Harder

I am a big believer in working smarter and not harder in regards to health and fitness. I believe that the more balanced and relaxed we are in approaching our goals and dreams the greater results we achieve. I always like to describe it to people as a pendulum. The more we push our mind and body to the right is equivalent to the amount that the pendulum swings back to the left before slowing down and returning back to the centre. If someone has calorie restricted them selves from Monday to Friday then usually they are secretly binging Saturday and Sunday. If someone is training hard and heavy every single day without adequate rest and repair then usually they end up nursing an injury and losing their hard earned strength. I believe that balance is the key to long-term success. If you are eating at maintenance throughout the week and feel like having a Friday night treat then print off a sweet potato brownie recipe, if you are tired and run down and feel niggling pains in your body then take the day off and have an even better session the following day. Happiness is also a key to success and you cannot achieve happiness without mastering the art of balance. According to Dr Libby there are nine factors that impact whether your body is getting to store fat or burn it. These factors include calories, stress hormones, sex hormones, liver function, gut bacteria, thyroid function, insulin, the nervous system and emotions. From my own personal experience with dieting and training I believe a more balanced and relaxed approach can positively increase all 9 of these factors leaving you with a better body composition and having your body in a greater fat burning state.